Corporate Governance

At Pilatus Bank, we are committed to implement the highest standards of corporate governance and business integrity which we consider as imperative to creating long-term value for our stakeholders including clients, financial partners, and shareholders. These principles are core to Pilatus Bank because they foster a climate of respect, trust and candor conducive to the effective functioning of the institution and are also reflective of the Bank's current business operations, capital structure, regulatory compliance, and shareholders' value.

Pilatus Bank’s Board of Directors is the principal governance body and has oversight responsibility of the Bank’s compliance with professional, ethical and regulatory standards. The Board of Directors are also responsible for the Bank’s overall strategy and business model. The Board comprises a mix of executive and non-executive directors and is structured to ensure the appropriate balance of skills, experience and knowledge as well as independence. The Board with its Committees ensures adequate oversight over the Bank’s internal systems, controls and risk management frameworks.

The overarching responsibility of the Board in terms of it audit function is to provide independent assurance to the Board on matters concerning risk management, governance and internal control.

The Board of Pilatus Bank through ALCO ensure prudent balance sheet planning and Asset Liability Management while monitoring the acquisition and allocation of associated resources to maximize profits, yet adhere to predetermined standards of liquidity and asset quality.

Our prudent approach to lending and asset quality is at the core of our Credit Committee’s conservative mindset that is responsible to oversee, direct and review the management of credit risk vis-a-vis the loan portfolio of the Bank.

Additionally our Risk Committee has been primarily responsible to ensure that the Bank operates in compliance with its risk management policies and procedures and within agreed risk limits, as set by the Board. Pilatus Bank has invested heavily to ensure and cater for a robust risk management framework.

Our Board of Directors and the Executive Team at Pilatus Bank recognize that the dynamics of the financial services industry are changing at a fast pace and such environment demands a vigilant and forward thinking approach.

These principles remain core to Pilatus Bank because they foster a climate of respect, trust and candor conducive to the effective functioning of the Bank. These principles of governance also reflect Pilatus Bank's current business operations, capital structure, regulatory environment, and shareholders' value.

Pilatus Bank recognizes that these conditions change with time and, accordingly, the Board and Management will continually review these governance guidelines to meet its obligations at the highest standard.

This website communicates the policies and guidelines that govern Pilatus Bank's Board, its management, and all of its employees. These policies provide a framework for the proper operation of the Bank, consistent with the requirements of the law.